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Terms & Conditions


Poalim Equity Ltd. and Bank Hapoalim B.M. (collectively referred to as the "Poalim") permit you to access this website subject to the conditions specified below: 

The information on the website is provided in text, some in pictures and other visualizations. These terms and conditions of use apply to all of the information and services on the website. 
  1. The information and all of the pages on the website are the exclusive property of Poalim.
  2. Trademarks appearing on the website are under the proprietary copyright of Poalim; any action that may infringe on the copyright of such trademarks is prohibited.
  3.  The website in its entirety, including all information therein, the software on which it is based, and information and materials accessed through the website, are presented and made available to you as they are as of this moment.
  4. The information on the website is current as of its initial publication and subject to changes from time to time, at the discretion of Poalim, , and to changes according to the provisions of all laws.
  5. Any altering, copying, distributing, broadcasting, presenting, executing, duplicating, publishing, or selling of any item of information, software, or service originating with this website is prohibited.
  6. The information is provided "AS-IS" on the website. The statements in the pages and information do not constitute a proposal, guidance, solicitation, or advice on conducting ant transactions, investments or actions by Poalim, and cannot replace professional, individual advice or care which takes into consideration each client's personal information. 
  7. The statements on the website do not constitute a proposal to enter into a contract, or a presentation for the purposes of a transaction; only the statements in documents signed by Poalim are binding for Poalim.
  8. Information presented on the website may contain proofreading errors, errors in phrasing, clerical errors, etc., despite the fact that Poalim does everything in its power to prevent such occurrences. Poalim is not responsible for any damage caused by the presence of such errors.
  9. Poalim is not responsible and no liable for any damage that may be caused by deficiencies, malfunctions, or erroneous operation of the software operating the website or the access to the website.
  10. All computer systems, including online systems, occasionally suffer malfunctions. Use of the Internet, is exposed to the inherent risks of the Internet and of computer systems based on software, hardware, and communications networks. We undertake every effort to minimize malfunctions and to allow customers to continue trading at all times. However, it is impossible to entirely prevent such malfunctions and risks. Poalim is therefore exempt from responsibility for any damage, loss, or expense whatsoever, and/or disruption of information displayed on the systems, that may be caused to the customer as a result of the following factors, among others: temporary interruptions of service through communication lines, and/or other disruptions and malfunctions in communication lines, and/or disruptions in the functioning or availability of the website, and/or in response times of the computerized systems, and/or disruptions of information and/or data and/or transfer and/or reception of orders, due to malfunctions arising from communication lines, or other malfunctions not under Poalim's control, and/or which could not have been prevented by Poalim with reasonable effort.
  11. This website may contain links to websites not operated by Poalim, which are operated by other parties. Poalim has no control over such websites and bears no responsibility for the content displayed therein.
  12. The user of the website is responsible for preventing viruses from entering the system used by the user; Poalim accepts no responsibility in this matter. 
  13. If the Website allows downloads of software. Poalim is not responsible for any damage that may be caused by the download of such software and/or by the use of any software downloaded from the website.
  14. Applications on the website may collect information about users’ activity on the website and analyze such information in order to improve service.
  15. Information provided by a user on the website may be retained in databases and used for the development and improvement of services. 
  16. Information on the website and the use thereof are subject to the laws of the State of Israel. Please note that use of, reliance upon, and action according to the information may be restricted or possibly illegal under the laws of various countries; you must therefore determine, prior to using the information, whether you are entitled to use it and the extent of the permitted usage pursuant to the laws applicable to you.