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The website pages and the information there inconstitute private property of Bank Hapoalim B.M. ("Hapoalim") and Poalim Equity Ltd. ("Poalim Equity") (collectively referred to as the "Poalim") and subject to Poalim's privacy policy.
The following privacy policy applies to the use of the website of Poalim Equity at the address: http://www.poalimequity.com (the “Website”).
The policy specifies the information that may be collected by Poalim during the use of the Website and the manner of use of such information by Poalim. The policy also contains information regarding the use of cookies.
When you (hereinafter also the “User”) use the Website, the terms of use of the aforesaid information, which may include specific privacy aspects, will apply. 
By using the Website, you consent to the following policy:
Poalim may collect various types of information during the use of the Website. Poalim may collect information regarding your IP address and the characteristics of the device you are using to access the Website, such as the type of browser, type of operating system, interface language on your device, etc.
Poalim also may collect information regarding the manner in which you use the Website – how you reach the Website, how long you spend on it, which pages you view, etc. 

Poalim may collect, processes, and retain information, as necessary, for several purposes. The information is needed for the purposes of monitoring and information security of the Website and the use thereof; for example, to identify and prevent activity that may cause a threat to the Website. Such measures also protect your privacy when you use the Website, of course.
Poalim may use the information to analyze traffic and behavior of Website visitors and thereby gain a better understanding of the subjects that are of interest to them. 
The information may be used to comply with a legal necessity or requirement, or with legal directives in Israel or elsewhere applicable to Poalim. 
Poalim is permitted to use third-party services and tools for the collection and analysis of aggregated anonymous statistical information, and to transfer and share such information to third parties at its discretion, for the purposes specified in this policy and subject to this policy.
The information collected may be retained in databases of Poalim and/or of third parties that provide the Poalim with services, in Israel or in other countries.
Links or references may appear on the Website to Internet addresses or pages that are not under the address. This policy does not apply to such websites and/or Internet pages. You should examine the terms of use and privacy policies of any such websites you may visit. Further, please be advised that the fact that the website contains links to such websites and information does not indicate Poalim approved the content thereof and is no guarantee as to its reliability, currency, legality, the proper privacy measures taken by the content's owners, or any other operational aspect.
The Website uses cookies. Cookies, tags, pixel files, etc. are technologies sent to the device from which you are accessing the Website, which store various information files on your device automatically. These technologies are referred to, jointly, as “cookies.” The cookies used by Poalim assist the Poalim with the following matters:
•    Identify your device to learn about how you use the Website.
•    Offer you a user-friendly interface on the Website.
Cookies are also used for the other purposes described in this policy.
In using cookies, Poalim does not collect identifying information about you such as your name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. However, as noted above, Poalim may collect information that could identify your device, your IP address, etc.
Poalim uses third-party tools on its Website, such as products by Google and Facebook, to analyze the use of the Website and for the purposes of customized advertising.
Google Firebase, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager are used to analyze anonymous, statistical, aggregate information about traffic and activity on the Website. These tools are also used by Poalim for advertising and remarketing purposes, on the Website and on the Internet in general (using AdWords), which may be customized to your preferences, based on the characteristics of your activity on the Website.
Poalim also uses Google reports on social media references and Analytics reports on demographics and areas of interest. Facebook Pixel is also used for customized advertising on social media.
When operating these tools on the Website, the companies that supply the tools (Google and Facebook) use their own cookies to identify your device and to collect information, such as your IP address, unique identifiers and characteristics of the device you are using, your activity on the Website, the pages you view, and more. These cookies may enable them to identify your device even after you leave the Website of Poalim Equity. The information they collect may be retained in the companies’ databases outside Israel.
To learn more about these companies’ use of their cookies and the information they collect, refer to their official websites. Links are provided below for your convenience:
You can also use these links to find information about the options the companies offer you for managing their use of cookies, including the ability to opt out of the use of these tools, such as using the following websites:
You may also choose to use the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on.
You can change your preferences with regard to cookies. You can block or restrict cookies on your browser by changing the browser settings on your device. Such a block may be full or partial, depending on the type of browser. Please note that blocking or restricting cookies may prevent you from accessing or using the Website, or certain parts thereof, or may impair your experience using the Website. 
Facebook and Google offer options for changing cookies preferences in the tools they operate, at the links provided above. Information and tools for managing and controlling cookies are offered by various other websites and initiatives on the Internet, such as: