Kryon Achieves Highest Net Promoter Score in the RPA Industry, Highlighting Commitment to Customer Delight

NPS Score of +74, Up 3 Points from February, Reflects Automation Innovator’s Focus on Superior Customer Service
NEW YORK – August 24, 2021—Kryon®, the pioneers of full-cycle automation with an innovative approach to robotic process automation (RPA) and process discovery, today announced a 3-point gain to their Net Promoter Score (NPS), a metric used to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Kryon’s score of +74 is outstanding in the software industry, where a score of +55 is considered high. It’s also the highest NPS of any RPA vendor.
“Customer First strategy is key to Kryon’s success,” said Harel Tayeb, CEO of Kryon. “Over the years, we have forged mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers to bring significant impact and ROI to their organizations, while also providing us with continuous, valuable input to help us make a better product. Unwavering commitment to exceeding customer expectations is a core value for Kryon, and it’s a major reason why we have the best ROI statistics in the RPA industry.”
Recent customer service achievements include:
•    Ongoing Executive Business Reviews (EBRs) which allow direct alignment with customer C-level management to understand their challenges and strategy
•    A more intuitive, user-friendly installation flow, empowering customers to quickly download and deploy the Kryon Full-Cycle Automation Suite across departments
•    Further enhancements to the Kryon RPA training program for new users, helping organizations create their RPA “A-teams” either on-site or remotely
•    Meeting security concerns of global enterprises by becoming the first leading RPA vendor to achieve ISO 27707 certification, further protecting customers’ private data
•    Integration with popular virtualization software Citrix, delivering a seamless user experience for developing and executing any automation task on a Citrix server
For enterprises evaluating RPA vendors, a high NPS helps determine whether a provider has a positive reputation with its existing customer base once the sale is made. The NPS scale runs from -100 to +100, with most software companies falling into the benchmark +30 to +40 range. While a high NPS signifies excellent customer retention and repeat business, it also represents a healthy growth trend, since promoters often influence new business through word-of-mouth referrals. Comments from Kryon customers include:
•    “The customer support is amazing! We have a very talented customer success manager; many connections within Kryon on which we can rely (Sales, Professional Services, Technical Support, etc.) and could not ask for more.”
•    “Support has always been helpful and gone the extra mile to help us solve our problems and meet our goals. Looking forward to [our] journey ahead together.”
•    “I have been very happy with my [customer service] reps. They are very responsive and do a great job connecting me with resources.”
•    “Customer support is excellent – great people who are always eager to assist and help.”
•    “We have been very impressed with the support we have received. Very attentive.”
Kryon issues the NPS survey every six months to ensure the company is continuously improving customer satisfaction. In addition to regularly interacting with customers through user summits and forums, Kryon’s customer-focused features include KryoNet, an online community forum; and Kryon Academy, its free training and certification program; and an on-demand customer support portal available 24/7.